Are you looking for an effective host for your event? Do you need a DJ who can hype up your guests? Look no further than VinDk8 Entertainment. Please select a link below to see how I can take your party to the next level.

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I established VinDk8 Entertainment because I wanted to provide the public with all-in-one entertainment services. Whenever I perform as a DJ and emcee, I strive to make my clients and their guests happy. I encourage people to freely enjoy listening to the latest tunes, singing to their favorite music, and playing trivia games.

In fact, I always keep my songbook and music archive updated to ensure that I have the songs that you and your guests might request.

About VinDk8 Entertainment

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For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed performing as a DJ, mixing music for my friends during parties. Recognizing my talent, my friends and family members continuously encouraged me to pursue a career in this industry. That is why I decided to invest in a mobile sound system, and as they say, the rest is history.

Five years later, I looked into karaoke and trivia hosting too, so I now offer all-in-one entertainment services to my clients. I am happy to see them and their guests living and enjoying the moment.

How I Started

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My focus is exceeding the expectations of my clients, as well as producing a superior quality of work that goes above and beyond.

Mission Statement

What Our Clients Say

“I attended my very good friends' wedding at the California Ballroom in Oakland, CA. Their DJ was Vince (DJ VinDk8). The music was fantastic. Vince was helpful and lovable, and the entire congregation had a roaring good time! I would recommend this DJ to anyone throwing a party, wedding, or any celebration. In fact, he gave me business cards, and I have already given them to a few friends. Thanks, Vince!!”

- Lisa M. (Wedding Reception)

“Vince contributed to the success of our wedding by providing a great attitude throughout our wedding planning process and the day of the event. He offered lots of great ideas and was flexible to our needs and logistics. Music was fantastic, and overall, we were very happy with his partnership, skills, services, and equipment.”

- Laurel M. (Wedding Reception)

“This DJ knows how to get the party started! As a longtime funk/soul/disco collector, DJ VinDK8 is well-versed in all the necessary components of any dance floor soundtrack. His knowledge of classic and contemporary music is unparalleled in his field.


Wednesday nights are always entertaining at The Patio in Palo Alto. DJ VinDk8 starts the evening with trivia. He then proceeds to host a karaoke night with the best song selection in the Bay Area. If you're looking for a DJ who knows how to read a crowd and adapt to his audience, then look no further!”

- Daniel C. (DJ/Karaoke/Trivia Events)

“We look forward to Vince's weekly trivia every Thursday! Trivia night is a really fun group activity. Typically, there are pictures, history, sports, music, and TV/movie rounds, each with their own themes, so bring friends who know their specialties well. Vince keeps the game going over multiple weeks with trivia league, so prepare for some fierce competition and maybe make some new friends when you start to recognize the opponents. Friendly rivalries keep the game interesting and keep us coming every week.”

- Sophia C. (DJ/Karaoke/Trivia Events)