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Reviews From Our Valued Clients

“I attended my very good friends' wedding at the California Ballroom in Oakland, CA. Their DJ was Vince (DJ VinDk8). The music was fantastic. Vince was helpful and lovable, and the entire congregation had a roaring good time! I would recommend this DJ to anyone throwing a party, wedding, or any celebration. In fact, he gave me business cards, and I have already given them to a few friends. Thanks, Vince!!”

- Lisa M. (Wedding Reception)

“Vince contributed to the success of our wedding by providing a great attitude throughout our wedding planning process and the day of the event. He offered lots of great ideas and was flexible to our needs and logistics. Music was fantastic, and overall, we were very happy with his partnership, skills, services, and equipment.”

- Laurel M. (Wedding Reception)

“Seriously, this guy is rad!! SO rad that my bestie and I used to drive all the way across the bay to his shows, and now that he's in Sacramento, I can't wait until I can sing at his show every week!! SO rad that we had his karaoke services for a house party that people regularly bring up as the BEST. PARTY. EVER.
OK. You know the annoying kind of DJs/KJs who start late, mess up the rotation, sing every other song, take breaks, and leave you hanging or get drunk, and by the end of the night, they're useless? This guy does too, and he hates that guy, lol. He handles the rotation so everyone sings, and no one feels slighted. He has a HUGE song library, and if he doesn't have that one obscure version of whatever you want, he'll get it. His equipment is new and sounds awesome!!
This guy's energy is boundless and amazing. You're nervous? He'll chill you out and have you laughing and singing in no time. How he manages to convey so much enthusiasm for karaoke all night long without seeming obnoxious or over-the-top just says that he actually genuinely loves his job.
This guy is a sure bet for exactly what you want at your party or your business to make sure everyone is having a blast.”

- Mary M. (DJ/Karaoke/Trivia Events)

“I have worked with Vince for the past 3 years to provide entertainment to our staff holiday party. Karaoke has become a bit of a tradition for us now all because of Vince!
From a client perspective:

  • Vince is professional and accommodating.
  • He makes sure he is familiar with the venue and always arrives on time for set up.
  • He "emcees" the party to help with announcements, keep the party on schedule, and make it entertaining.
  • Vince is flexible with updates and changes throughout the night.
  • His rates are affordable.
  • He is so easy to work with, making planning the party a breeze.

From a guest perspective:

  • Vince has a full selection of songs, and if you don't see your choice in the book, chances are he still has it—so just ask!
  • He is open to questions throughout the night and always makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

I would eagerly recommend Vince for any type of event! I'm continuously impressed and grateful to have DJ VinDk8 a part of making our annual party memorable.”

- Kassy S. (Corporate Event)

“This DJ knows how to get the party started! As a longtime funk/soul/disco collector, DJ VinDK8 is well-versed in all the necessary components of any dance floor soundtrack. His knowledge of classic and contemporary music is unparalleled in his field.
Wednesday nights are always entertaining at The Patio in Palo Alto. DJ VinDk8 starts the evening with trivia. He then proceeds to host a karaoke night with the best song selection in the Bay Area. If you're looking for a DJ who knows how to read a crowd and adapt to his audience, then look no further!”

- Daniel C. (DJ/Karaoke/Trivia Events)

“I had the chance to experience both Vince's Trivia & Karaoke shows and he is excellent! His personality makes everyone feel welcome, and he knows how to keep things hopping. For Trivia, Vince always has a great selection and originality to the categories and has a great sense of humor, which keeps things flowing. I see the same teams week after week!
When it comes to Karaoke, I am always amazed by the number of regulars I see at his shows, and everyone speaks very highly of him. I never used to be much for Karaoke, but Vince made me feel comfortable enough to get out there, and now, I love doing it. I have had the opportunity to go to other karaoke shows, and none seems to come close. I have recommended Vince to friends and people I work with for team events!”

- Katherine G. (DJ/Karaoke/Trivia Events)

“We look forward to Vince's weekly trivia every Thursday! Trivia night is a really fun group activity. Typically, there are pictures, history, sports, music, and TV/movie rounds, each with their own themes, so bring friends who know their specialties well. Vince keeps the game going over multiple weeks with trivia league, so prepare for some fierce competition and maybe make some new friends when you start to recognize the opponents. Friendly rivalries keep the game interesting and keep us coming every week.”

- Sophia C. (DJ/Karaoke/Trivia Events)

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