The Key to Creating an Unforgettable Event

Keeping your guests entertained can be a daunting task. If you don’t want to spend all of your time worrying about the enjoyment of your guests, turn to VinDk8 Entertainment. In addition to offering quality entertainment, I also provide effective timely solutions to your entertainment needs.

Work With Me

Providing quality entertainment is my business, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure the enjoyment of everyone at your event.

Here are some of the clients I’ve worked with:

Kaiser Permanente

Off the Grid


Stanford Chemistry Department

The Naval Activities Service Center of Monterey

Events to a T



I have the necessary skills as a DJ and the experience as an emcee to provide your party with an evening of fun. With several lighting, special effects and sound packages to choose from, I am able to customize your entertainment package to your specific needs. Let’s get started so we can create the perfect entertainment package for you and your guests.

Entertainment Packages

Music is key to any celebration. It reminds us of the experiences we've had with the people, places and things that matter most in our lives. Allow me to assist you and your guests in creating an evening of entertainment that will include the most meaningful music for you, your partner, family and friends.

A Premium Sound System With Two Powered Speakers

All Announcements on Your Behalf

Online Access to Millions of Digital Music Files for Immediate Song Requests

Two Hours of DJ Entertainment

Two Sound-Activated Dance Floor Lights

Unique Musical Lineup Tailored to the Occasion


When you’re getting married, you don’t want to have to think about your entertainment choices. Let me handle that for you. With a variety of customizable entertainment packages, I will meet and exceed your expectations. Please be sure to include all details you require and I will promptly return a service quote outlining all of the details.

Please click on any of the images below to read reviews from clients.

Patricia & Jonathan
Married August, 8th 2015

Brenda & Mark
Married October, 15th 2015

Kyle & Allie
September, 3rd 2016

Laurel & Ruth
Married October, 14th 2017

Laura & Jason
Married October, 15th 2017

Cris & Sergei
Married February, 2nd 2018

My Set List

I am continuously expanding the music archive I use when I perform as a DJ, so that you and your guests can request songs from the early 20th century to today’s hottest music.


Classic Rock






Top 40

And More


Karaoke Fun at The Patio at Rudy's in Palo Alto

Wednesdays at The Sports Page

Address: 1431 Plymouth St
Mountain View, CA 94043
Karaoke Time: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Karaoke Packages Include:

  • Two 43” Flat Screen LED Monitors
  • Access to over 100,000 Karaoke Songs
  • Three Digital Song Books for easy catalog reference
  • Four Wireless Microphones
  • One 24” Flat Screen LED “reader” Monitor


Mondays at Swiss Buda Bar - Sacramento

Address: 2342 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95822                                          Show begins at:  7:00 PM

Wednesdays at Lilly Mac’s Bar & Restaurant - Sunnyvale

Address: 187 S Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Show begins at: 6:30 PM 

Thursdays at The Sports Page Bar & Grill - Mountain View

Address: 1431 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, CA 94043                            Show begins at: 6:30 PM 


Sound Activated

Mini Kinta by Chauvet - Provides a fun and colorful display of dancing red, green and blue lights

Swarm 5 in 1 FX by Chauvet - Provides Strobe, Red & Green Lasers, along with a display of dancing red, green and blue lights

Swarm Wash FX by Chauvet - Provides a 360 degree rotating colors, a Red, Green and Blue Color Wash, Red & Green Lasers along with Strobe effects

Color Wash

ADJ Dotz TPar System - Provides a wash of colors for a more subtly and warm lighting option

Spot LED Lighting

Intimidator Spot 250 - Provides moving color palettes in a variety of colors and patterns. With the customizable design feature. I am able to create a projected image of logos, names and many other options. Perfect for Weddings and other formal events.

Special Effects

Fog Machines

Geyser T6 by Chauvet - Add a fire like fog effect to your event. Fog effects will be displayed in a variety of colors

ADJ Fog Fury Jet Pro - For big events that that require big effects. With over 28 color options and the ability to project an LED Fog stream up to 40 feet at any angle. This machine will satisfy a venue of any size.

Sound System Upgrades

Please Note: For events that have more than 250+ guests. Your package will be automatically upgraded to four speakers and two subwoofers

Bass Upgrades
Add one or more Subwoofers for added Bass response. Perfect for large venues or events that require bass inspired music

Add One or More Speakers or an additional sound system if your venue requires music in separate areas.

Please Note: All upgrades will be factored into the quote provided. There is no specific price per item

Rates of My Services

Please take note that rates depend on location of your event, lodging, number of attendees, hours of service required and other related factors. To get the most accurate quote, please be sure to include all of the information about your event and the services you require.